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Wonderful and Colourful Ethnic of Indonesia

Hello world, did you know how many actualy tribe in Indonesia? Well, you can see bellow.


    Acehnese in Aceh: Aceh Besar district
    Alas tribes in Southeast Aceh district
    Alor tribes in NTT: Alor regency
    Ambonese In the city of Ambon
    Ampana tribes in Central Sulawesi
    Anak Dalam tribe in Jambi
    Aneuk Jamee tribe in South Aceh district, West Aceh district
    Arab -Indonesia tribes
    Aru Tribes in Maluku: Aru Islands
    Asmat in Papua
    Abung tribe in Lampung


    Bali tribe in Bali consist of:
        Bali Tribe Majapahit in most island of Bali
        Karangasem Tribes in Bali Aga and Kintamani
    Balantak tribes in Central Sulawesi
    Banggai in Central Sulawesi: Banggai Islands
    Baduy in Banten

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