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Candle Dance, art of Sumatra

Candle Dance in principle is a dance presented by a set of dancers to the accompaniment of a set of pemuzik. The dancers would carry lighted candles on a plate which is held on each of their hands. These dancers will dance in berkumpulan with dizzying plate having a lit candle carefully for the sentiasa flat plate, and wax not terpadam.

    Candle Dance The origin is believed to come from Sumatra. Kononnya a girl had been abandoned
by a fiance who go to trade look for treasure. During his legacy tunangnya it has lost the girl an engagement ring. The girl looking for the ring until late at night by using a candle placed on the plate. Body movements that bend, bent, mengadah (pray) that gave birth to the beauty of this event has given birth Candle Dance among the village girls.

   Candle dance is a kind of art Palaces and danced at night to cause wax nyalaan. This kerana candle dance requires the dancers to practice diligently for Facebook to oversee the movement with a lit candle without misfortune.
              that's all about Indonesian exactly Sumatran dance beautifully perform.

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