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Gathot, Unique Food of GunungKidul

               Gunung Kidul which is located in Yogyakarta province, is well known as a barren area. But if you have visited Gunung Kidul, you must be fascinated by the beauty of the beaches.  A topic which will be discussed is culinary from Gunung Kidul which is known as Gatot.

               Gatot is typical snack of Gunung Kidul. Local people usually enjoy Gatot during tea time or when receiving guest. In the past, Gatot was only made for private consumption, but now it has become a selling commodity. Today, Gatot is sold at traditional markets or central's souvenirs of Gunung Kidul.

            Gatot is a kind of food which is made from gaplek. Gaplek is dried cassava. Cassava which has been peeled is dried so that it becomes gaplek. But to make good quality gatot we have to use special gaplek. Gatot traders who are also as gaplek makers, use gaplek which has been get wet by the rain. Its aim is to get black gatot, because delicious gatot is black gatot. To anticipate dry season, usually gatot makers have gatot stock.
             To make gatot is easy.  Dried Gaplek is soaked for 12 hours or for one night. After that the water is thrown away and the gaplek is cleaned. After being cleaned, gaplek is cut into small pieces and steamed for at least 2 hours. After that, gatot is placed in a large container to make it cool quickly. To serve gatot is by poured with grated coconut which is added with a little sugar and salt.  The blend flavors of chewy gatot mix a little sweet and salty flavors will add to the exoticism of typical cuisine of Gunung Kidul.
              Today, there is instant gatot.  It is easy to serve it. You only brew instant gatot with hot water and it can be eaten immediately. Instant gatot can last longer. The difference between gatot which is sold in traditional market and instant gatot is only the packaging. At the traditional markets, gatot is usually wrapped in banana leaf, while at central souvenir shop it has been packed in a container which is called besek with the price around Rp 6,000.

          That was our segment Indonesian Wonder for today featuring Gatot a typical culinary of Gunung Kidul. If you visit Yogyakarta, especially Gunung Kidul, don't for get to buy Gatot as your souvenir. Because of its exotic flavor, gatot is also believed to be able to prevent ulcer disease. It is because gatot can give a sense of satiety longer.

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