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Old Town of Magelang

Magelang, in historical maps of cities in Indonesia, including in the category of the old city. At least, has become a center of civilization when the dynasty dynasty chose Magelang as Borobudur temple construction site, as a series of more than Mendut development.
In the colonial period, Magelang into negotiations where Prince Diponegoro and VOC. With guile, Prince Diponegoro give up and then thrown into exile. So do not be surprised, when we Magelang, will find many legends about the breeds that claim to be descendants of the soldiers of Prince Diponegoro. Various tomb community recognized as Prince Diponegoro pesarean soldier would be very easy to find, such as in Sub Tempuran and Secang.
As an old city, Magelang regency, of course, have the works of culture that is strong

enough and continue to live in society. One fairly typical folk art is the performing arts Kubro Siswo. Art is really no different than art Debus, in West Java. Staging a show of skill and balance the body, such as climbing ropes on a bike, spray with kerosene, to show the strength of the body, such as slashing with a sword.
This art relies on Islamic-Javanese tradition, so long as the music accompanying the show is the music style of Java by using musical instruments, like drums and bonang. While the lyrics are sung praises to the Prophet, a kind of poetry in Arabic, then diselingin with syiiran Java language.
Art is also growing and developing, jathilan and ndayakan. Almost in every village has a group of this art, which became the arena of art-culture preservation of Java, especially Magelang.
Various art activities this tradition also have adequate space and get support from the perpetrators of the arts in Magelang. Call it, the annual Festival of the Five Mountains, which are usually concentrated in the village Close Ngisor, Magelang. This festival is a routine featuring a variety of artistic traditions developed by the villagers. Momentum is also not uncommon as a place to voice any criticism of government policies. Tanto Mendut and Romo Kirjito, Magelang is a figure that is highly supportive of the Five Mountain Festival.
In addition, Tanto Mendut also has his own show, at his home in Mendut. In the area not too wide at the back of his house, often done traditional art performances of various art groups throughout the District of Magelang. In addition, of course, conducted numerous meetings arts, which often also show the artists at the international level.
The traditional art of magelang, is an important part in maintaining a variety of substantial value that is very important in the development of the spirit of living together with respect for diversity. Pluraslisme as a child of this nation, can continue to be reproduced through the art world tradition. Although many people are also questioning, masihkan arts tradition still has a central position in the formation of community values?
Doubts of this kind, the Shah-Shah is, however questionable, still nalarkah in the era of communication and information so quick to question a particular entity, as forming a single value? Currently, absolutely no reason to see value in forming a single entity. The diversity of information and easy access to information makes the forming of values are diverse, and scattered. This situation makes the human being has the possibility to choose the sources of values which have most likely to foster the spirit of pluralism, respect for diversity and away from violent behavior.
Perhaps, someday, own religion akanj abandoned people to become guides in kehiduapan socio-cultural-political, when development of always just put forward approach to violence and domination. Religious rituals only be eliminated as an individual, whose values no longer have any effect in shaping and directing social values. Religion will only occupy the space of communication between man and God. Others do not.
In understanding the diversity of sources of information, we still believe, art tradition that continues to grow and survive in Magelang, still can take some role in the formation of human values beneficial to the development of a civilized social life, free from violence and oppression of others. Do not over-confidence in this? I do not know, but play to Magelang, we'll get the answer from the perpetrators of the traditional arts.

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