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Tiwul Traditional Food of Indoneisa

Tiwul, food that is characteristic of Gunungkidul. Tiwul made ​​from dried cassava (tapioca). Foods that have been identified with poverty, now transformed into a souvenir of the most sought after. Tiwul managed to boost the prestige image of the boundaries. Memories of the romance of the past, treated as fine grains tiwul enjoyed. Food that was used as a substitute for rice is now a snack with sugar-sweetened coconut.
            The special characteristic of tiwul is where you can taste a sweet and savory of it.
Besides it, you can taste the palm sugar in addition with grated coconut and sprinkling on. Tiwul has a soft texture (little ball) and a slightly chewy so the food is very tasty Gunungkidul (Yogayakarta) food especially while warm.

              Existence tiwul also successfully pushed the industrialized world. PT. Success Sentosa rays, producing instant tiwul trademark Rara Heroine. Tiwul instant is made to simplify the manufacturing process and facilitate the distribution tiwul. Every day, the plant is processing 50-100 tons of cassava into a thousand packs of instant tiwul. Due to the increasing demand for instant tiwul, it opened a branch factory in Blitar, East Java. Tiwul instant price Rp. 5.000/pack.



How to make tiwul

Tiwul needed to make a nice sweet cassava that produced tiwul quality, too, as for how to make are as follows:
A. Choose a nice sweet cassava about 1-2 kg
2. Wash and peel sweet cassava before
3. If you take the yam fairly large, divide your
4. Heat in the sun to dry
5. Mashed sweet cassava that have been dried to a powder
6. Sift flour and select its soft
7. Put in Tampah, Add enough water and drive around until the lumps are made of flour kecil2
8. If it is then steamed results formed earlier and wait until cooked
9. Once cooked remove and tiwul ready to be eaten with a side dish

tiwul privilege and how to make it

Tiwul privileges on the sweet and savory. In addition, in the tiwul also be perceived aroma of brown sugar mixed with grated coconut. The form is composed of clumps of small granules and slightly chewy make special food is delicious eaten. Very fitting served while still warm, with a sprinkling of coconut shavings.

How to process cassava into tiwul quite simple. First of all, sweet potatoes peeled and then dried in the sun to dry. Dried cassava is called cassava. Then dried cassava is mashed up into flour. In antiquity, this process is done in a simple and old. Cassava crushed using a stone mortar to a powder. But now there are special milling machine, making it faster and more uniform fineness of flour. Cassava flour - also called tapioca flour - is then given a mixture of water and sugar, then stir in the Tampah to form tiny droplets, much like grains of rice.

Then do a process called "ditinting" by rotating tampah. sift process is like a grain of rice. Tiwul granules placed inside Tampah, then sifted and tossed up into coarse and fine grains separate. It takes special skills to do this process.

After that, tiwul fine grain leather is placed in a bamboo steamer. One thing that should not be overlooked is, needs to be made a hole in the middle tiwul which functions as a way out of the water vapor when steamed. Once ready, tiwul steamed for about 30 minutes. To obtain a more savory flavor, steamed tiwul using firewood.

all image credit to : Aan Prihandaya from Kratonpedia

Tapioca flour, made from dried cassava called gaplek, then mashed. 

tiwul food
Cassava flour were given a mixture of water and sugar. 

tiwul food
Stir evenly until all the flour mixed with sugar water. 

tiwul food
Flour mixed with palm sugar and water into dough tiwul material. 

tiwul food
The dough is then rotated, to separate the fine and coarse grains. 

tiwul food
Tiwul dough ingredients in the steamer and put a hole for the water vapor path. 

tiwul food
Steamed for 30 minutes. Better use of firewood for the typical aroma 

tiwul food
Tiwul hot ready to eat. 

tiwul food
Do not forget to sprinkle grated coconut for a tasty sweet tiwul.


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