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Gethuk GunungKidul Food

                 Getuk (Javanese: Gethuk) is a snack food made ​​with the main ingredient cassava or cassava. Getuk the foods that are easily found in Central Java and East Java. Making getuk start of cassava in peeled and steamed or boiling, after being cooked and then ground or milled and then polished by means of sugar and sweetened food coloring. For servicing are usually sprinkled with grated coconut.

Getuk known there are two kinds,

  • Getuk, when cassava is ripe at the temperature is hot sprinkled with small pieces of brown palm sugar so that the uneven impact of this getuk rough shape. The result should look like bellow
  • Getuk lindri, is cassava that has been cooked and milled smooth with sugar, laced with food coloring and vanilla, then molded into small extends extends and tightened, this is similar to noodles to the elongated shape with a thickness of about 2cm 4cm wide, after the cut-shaped pieces about 5cm long and 4cm wide. The result should look likebellow

Lindri getuk Recipe Ingredients:

1 kg of cassava, peeled
200 grams of granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
100 ml of water
dye according to taste

Recipe Ingredients Coconut Urap getuk Lindri:

1/3 coarse shredded coconut
1/4 teaspoon salt

How to Make getuk Lindri:
1. Boil sugar, water, and vanilla until thickened, remove from heat, let cool and set aside.
2. Steam cassava until cooked and soft, pounded while hot with sugar and pour the liquid coloring until smooth and well blended.
3. Milled dough and cut personalized. Serve with coconut ointment.
4. We can make Oil ointment with Mix grated coconut and salt, steamed for about 5 minutes so durable.

Javanese people usually use nature coloring, like

turmeric as a yellow coloring

 Or katuk leaf as a green coloring                    

 suji leaf as a green coloring

 teak leaf as a red/pink coloring

and Mahogany leather as a brown coloring


            that's all my post today,, see ya next post tomorrow, invite your friend to know more about Indonesia culture heritage ^_^, so there were no claiming accident again occur with Indonesia culture heritage.  LIVE IN PEACE

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