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Javanese Games "EGRANG"

                  The Traditional games this one is already familiar to the javanese children, because it will almost certainly be found easily in many places in the remote rural and urban, in the past. Stilts included children's games, because this game has been around since at least once before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, during the Netherlands colonization. It was as recorded in Baoesastra (Dictionary) Java WJS article Poerwadarminto 1939 issue page 113, mentioned the "egrang-egrangan" because this game using a tool called "egrang"(silts). While the stilts themselves given meaning bamboo or wood to be ground (for legs) to move freely walking legs.
                 Stilts are made simply by using two bamboo sticks (more frequent use of this material
rather than wood) the length of each about 2 meters. Then about 50 cm from the bamboo mat, hollowed the bamboo and entered with a bamboo size of about 20-30 cm which serves as a footrest. Then become a plaything called stilts. Perhaps, the Javanese children make the game wearing stilts with bamboo materials, because these materials often found in natural surroundings. Bamboo widely grown in the yard or at the edges of the river. Moreover bamboo is also a material that is strong enough for this game. Bamboo is commonly used bamboo wulung or apus, and very rarely use bamboo ori or petung that greater and easily broken.
               Tools are more limited stilts on a individual or a group game. This means that the game can be used by children to play individually or in groups of children. Children who play stilts, set foot on the ground tools are approximately 50 cm of soil. Both feet on the both foot place and children trying to walk on stilts. In this game, children should be able to balance the body. That's the most important. Without being able to maintain balance, the child will often fall. But if the child is trained, he will skillfully use stilts game. Child will usually be proud to play stilts, because in addition to keep the balance, was also higher with ground bamboo stand on stilts.                 Unfortunately, traditional games like stilts, tools and other traditional games - in the present is no longer known by the children of today are more familiar with modern games (playstation) or import of plastic games. Stilts games and the like are more filling museum institutions or research institutions related to cultural and historical value.
the spirit to raise "egrang"(stilts) Culture Heritage 
                 I'm very proud of my country, because now days there are many event that burn spirit to have a cultural history of Indonesia. Thanks for coming, see you next post. ^_^
           "we're proud of Indonesia" 

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