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Indrayanti Beach, Natural Scene of Gunung Kidul

                  Indrayanti beach become an alternative place to spend a family vacation, even this white sand beach is not as popular like other beaches. There are lodging facilities that have been built there. If you bring a family to spend the night, an area of 4x5 meter wooden huts can be rented. Terrace overhanging the beach. Want to swim? jump to live alone, or just want to get lazy just sitting quietly reading a book while occasionally hear southern ocean waves. If you want to stay in hotels, you must book a place one month earlier. However, if lodging is full, do not worry because it can set up tents around the coast. Sloping plateau wide enough there, warm white sand floors. Some pandanus thatched gazebo has been prepared to pamper guests playing on the beach. While enjoying a light breeze you can order typical beach coconut ice and seafood.

The enchantment of Indrayanti beach can be enjoyed not only during the daytime. If the weather is sunny, you can enjoy the sunset at dusk. At night, fire dots coming from lantern / torch of  sailing fisherman will give you  a unique atmosphere in Indrayanti Beach.

Some people usualy use this beatiful scenary of Indrayanti Beach as a spot for pre wedding photography. Despite the heat in the daytime, you definitely won't miss chances to take pictures in every corner of the beach. Plant dominated coastal pandanus trees add shade atmosphere. Some small trees from Goverment Environment Agency are also grown to withstand abrasion.

The cliff is a favorite place for fishing. Fishing activities could be done on the cliff that is located on the east coast. Some visitors who suffer of asthma also utilize Indrayanti Beach to perform salt vapor therapy. It is said, by coming to the beach several times and doing the salt vapor therapy can help cure asthma.

Indrayanti beach proven safe enough for swimming. Jetsky is available for rent, the only one in the southern beaches area. Although extreme, this sport is safe because each jetsky rider wearing a life jacket and get a companion from the experts. Indrayanti beach opened six months ago for public, adopt its name the beach administrator's wife. The name 'Indrayanti' is considered easy to remember, because it is different from the names of other beaches in Gunung Kidul.
It's easy to get there. You just passed a few other beaches like Krakal, Baron, Kukup, Drini, Sundak before reaching Indrayanti beach.  Precisely, four miles from Baron beach. Travel with bumpy roads can be reached by private or rental vehicles like minibuses. From Yogyakarta city it takes about 2-3 hours to get the location of the beach.

Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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